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OTURN MACHINERY–Your Reliable Special Purpose Machine Manufacturer which is an overseas marketing&sales center established by our group factories,which is focus on the R&D and manufacturing of high quality,high-efficiency industry-special purpose machines to customer,we also design production line solution for customer from 0 to 100.Choose currently the most efficient processing method for customers, and reasonably save the cost of equipment investment and recover input costs earlier.

The main industries involved in our machines and production lines for various industrial valve, pipe fitting,flange,construction machinery parts energy, shipping, molds and other industries.

High-speed precision bridge type machining center CBS800
V5-630B Five-axis Simultaneous Center
CNC Turn-Milling Combined Machine

CNC Turn-Milling Combi...

CNC Turn-milling Machines are multi-tasking, multi-function CNC machines used for producing complex workpieces in one operation. These machines are capable of turning a workpiece and applying rotating tooling operations such as cr
GM5X-E 5-axis CNC Grinding Machine
5 Axes Simultaneous Milling Turning 100P-C
CNC high-speed 5-axis GMH-2035-Q
Gantry Type CNC Drilling And Milling Machine

Gantry Type CNC Drilli...

BOSM gantry mobile CNC high-speed drilling and milling machine series are mainly used for high-efficiency drilling and processing of large plates, wind power flanges, discs, ring parts and other workpieces.
High Quality CNC Pipe Threading Lathe

High Quality CNC Pipe ...

Pipe threading lathe are designed to meet the needs of oil fields, geology, mining, chemical,agricultural irrigation and drainage industry.It is suitable for the processing of pipe joints,drill pipe
CNC Vertical Machining Center

CNC Vertical Machining...

OTURN machining center is made of the best high-quality Mihanna cast iron body and full rib support, which is ten times more shock-absorbing than ordinary steel wire. The castings with ribs on the inside of the fuselage have extre
CNC Horizontal Machining Center

CNC Horizontal Machini...

H series horizontal machining center adopts internationally advanced T-shaped overall bed structure, gantry column, hanging box structure, strong rigidity.
Center Drive Lathe For Axle

Center Drive Lathe For...

The axles with wheels on both sides of the undercarriage (frame) are collectively referred to as automobile axles, and the axles with driving capabilities are generally called axles.
Two Face Turning Lathe for valve

Two Face Turning Lathe...

The power head is equipped with three - stage manual speed change with powerful motor,achieve low speed but high torque, can withstand heavy cutting load, improve processing efficiency.

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