• Conventional Lathe Machine

    Conventional Lathe Machine

    Conventional lathe machine is a type of traditional lathe machine without control but manual. It has a wide cutting range and can process inner holes, outer circles, end faces, tapered surfaces, chamfering, grooving, threads and various arc surfaces. Conventional lathes ...
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  • Special Valve Machining Machines

    Special Valve Machining Machines

    The Special Valve Machine is mainly used in processing Valve(Butterfly valve/Gate valve/Ball valve/globe valve,etc..),Pump body, Auto parts, Construction machinery parts etc. ...
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  • Pipe Threading lathes

    Pipe Threading lathes

    Pipe thread lathe is also called oil country lathe,thread turning generally refers to the method of machining threads on a workpiece with a forming tool, mainly including turning, milling, tapping, threading grinding, grinding, and whirlwind cutting. When turning, millin...
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  • CNC Gantry Drilling and Milling Machine

    CNC Gantry Drilling and Milling Machine

    What is a CNC drilling and milling machine: CNC drilling machines belong to metal cutting machine tools, with the functions of hole processing, drilling, tapping, boring and auxiliary milling. It is mainly used for high-efficiency drilling of flat plates, flanges, discs,...
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  • Vertcial turning lathe

    Vertcial turning lathe

    The difference between a vertical lathe and an ordinary lathe is that its spindle is vertical. Because the worktable is in a horizontal position, it is suitable for processing heavy parts with large diameters and short lengths. Vertical lathes can generally be divided in...
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  • CNC Machining Center

    CNC Machining Center

    The CNC machining center is a kind of CNC machine.Machining centers are also divided into horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers. The spindle axis (Z-axis) of the vertical machining center is vertical, which is suitable for processing cover parts and...
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  • Center Drive Lathe / Double Spindle CNC Lathe

    Center Drive Lathe / Double Spindle CNC Lathe

    The Oturn Center-Drive Lathe is an efficient, high-precision, and advanced manufacturing equipment, with several domestic leading technologies. The parts can be clamped once to complete the outer circle, end face, and inner hole of the two ends of the workpiece at the sa...
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